48-678. Short-time compensation program; plan; modification; request; decision; employer; report.

(1) An employer may request a modification of an approved plan by filing a written request with the commissioner. The request shall identify the specific provisions proposed to be modified and provide an explanation of why the proposed modification is appropriate for the short-time compensation plan. The commissioner shall approve or disapprove the proposed modification in writing within thirty days after receipt and promptly communicate the decision to the employer.

(2) The commissioner may approve a request for modification of the plan based on conditions that have changed since the plan was approved if the modification is consistent with and supports the purposes for which the plan was initially approved. A modification does not extend the expiration date of the original plan, and the commissioner shall promptly notify the employer whether the plan modification has been approved and, if approved, the effective date of the modification.

(3) An employer is not required to request approval of a plan modification from the commissioner if the change is not substantial, but the employer must report every change to the plan to the commissioner promptly and in writing. The commissioner may terminate an employer's plan if the employer fails to meet this reporting requirement. If the commissioner determines that the reported change is substantial, the commissioner shall require the employer to request a modification to the plan.

Source:Laws 2014, LB961, ยง 19.