48-662. State employment service; establishment; functions; funds available; agreements authorized.

The state employment service is hereby established in the Department of Labor, State of Nebraska. The commissioner of such department, in the conduct of such service, shall establish and maintain free public employment offices in such number and in such places as may be necessary for the proper administration of the Employment Security Law and for the purpose of performing such functions as are within the purview of the Act of Congress entitled An act to provide for the establishment of a national employment system and for cooperation with the states in the promotion of such system, and for other purposes, approved June 6, 1933, (48 Stat. 113; 29 U.S.C. 49 (c)), as amended, herein referred to as the Wagner-Peyser Act. The provisions of the Act of Congress are hereby accepted by this state and the Department of Labor is hereby designated and constituted the agency of this state for the purposes of such act. All money received by this state under the Act of Congress shall be paid into the Employment Security Administration Fund and shall be expended solely for the maintenance of the state system of public employment offices. There shall also be credited to the Employment Security Administration Fund for the same purpose, any sums appropriated by the Legislature from the General Fund of the state for the purposes of maintaining public employment offices or of matching funds granted under the Wagner-Peyser Act. For the purpose of establishing and maintaining free public employment offices and promoting the use of their facilities, the commissioner is authorized to enter into agreements with the Railroad Retirement Board, any other agency of the United States or of this or any other state charged with the administration of any law whose purposes are reasonably related to the purposes of the Employment Security Law, any political subdivision of this state, or any private nonprofit organization and as a part of such agreements may accept money, services, or quarters as a contribution to the maintenance of the state system of public employment offices or as reimbursement for services performed. All money received for such purposes shall be paid into the Employment Security Administration Fund.

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