48-650. Combined tax rate; determination of employment; notice; review; redetermination; proceedings; appeal.

The commissioner shall determine the rate of combined tax applicable to each employer pursuant to sections 48-649 to 48-649.04 and may determine, at any time during the year, whether services performed by an individual were employment or for an employer. Any such determination shall become conclusive and binding upon the employer unless, within thirty days after the prompt mailing of notice thereof to his or her last-known address or in the absence of mailing within thirty days after the delivery of such notice, the employer files an appeal with the department in accordance with rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the commissioner. No employer shall have standing, in any proceeding involving his or her combined tax rate or combined tax liability, to contest the chargeability to his or her account of any benefits paid in accordance with a determination, redetermination, or decision pursuant to sections 48-629 to 48-644 except upon the ground that the services on the basis of which such benefits were found to be chargeable did not constitute services performed in employment for him or her and only in the event that he or she was not a party to such determination, redetermination, or decision or to any other proceedings under the Employment Security Law in which the character of such services was determined. A full and complete record shall be kept of all proceedings in connection with such hearing. All testimony at any such hearing shall be recorded but need not be transcribed unless there is a further appeal. The employer shall be promptly notified of a hearing officer's decision which shall become final unless the employer or the commissioner appeals within thirty days after the date of service of the decision of the hearing officer. The appeal shall otherwise be governed by the Administrative Procedure Act.

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