48-638. Appeal to district court; procedure.

(1) Any party to the proceedings before a hearing officer may appeal the hearing officer's decision by filing a petition (a) in the district court of the county in which the individual claiming benefits claims to have been last employed or in which such claimant resides, (b) in any district court of this state upon which the parties may agree, or (c) if neither subdivision (1)(a) or (b) of this section applies, then in the district court of Lancaster County.

(2) If the commissioner is not the petitioning party, he or she shall be a party defendant in every appeal. Such appeal shall otherwise be governed by the Administrative Procedure Act.

(3) An appeal may be taken from the decision of the district court to the Court of Appeals in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.

(4) No bond shall be required as a condition of initiating a proceeding for judicial review or entering an appeal from the decision of the court upon such review. Costs which would be otherwise taxed to a claimant shall be taxed in such courts to the commissioner regardless of the result of the action unless justice and equity otherwise require. Notwithstanding any general statute to the contrary, no filing fee shall be charged by a hearing officer or by the clerk of any court for any service required by sections 48-634 to 48-638.

(5) In any proceeding for judicial review pursuant to this section, the commissioner may be represented by any qualified attorney employed and designated by the commissioner for that purpose or, at the commissioner's request, by the Attorney General.

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