48-622.03. Nebraska Worker Training Board; created; members; chairperson; annual program plan; report.

(1) There is hereby created the Nebraska Worker Training Board. The board shall consist of seven members appointed and serving for terms determined by the Governor as follows:

(a) A representative of employers in Nebraska;

(b) A representative of employees in Nebraska;

(c) A representative of the public;

(d) The Commissioner of Labor or a designee;

(e) The Director of Economic Development or a designee;

(f) The Commissioner of Education or a designee; and

(g) The chairperson of the governing board of the Nebraska Community College Association or a designee.

(2) The chairperson of the Nebraska Worker Training Board shall be the representative of the employers in Nebraska.

(3) By July 1 of each year, the board shall prepare an annual program plan for the upcoming fiscal year containing guidelines for the program financed by the Nebraska Training and Support Cash Fund. The guidelines shall include, but not be limited to, guidelines for certifying training providers, criteria for evaluating requests for the use of money under section 48-622.02, and guidelines for requiring employers to provide matching funds. The guidelines shall give priority to training that contributes to the expansion of the Nebraska workforce and increasing the pool of highly skilled workers in Nebraska.

(4) By December 31 of each year, the Department of Labor shall provide a report to the Governor covering the activities of the program financed by the Nebraska Training and Support Cash Fund for the previous fiscal year. The report shall contain an assessment of the effectiveness of the program and its administration.

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