48-609. Personnel; powers of commissioner; bond or insurance; retirement system.

(1) Subject to other provisions of the Employment Security Law, the Commissioner of Labor is authorized to appoint, fix the compensation of, and prescribe the duties and powers of such officers, accountants, attorneys, experts, and other persons as may be necessary in the performance of his or her duties under such law. The commissioner may delegate to any such person such power and authority as he or she deems reasonable and proper for the effective administration of such law. Employees handling money or signing warrants under such law shall be bonded or insured as required by section 11-201. The commissioner may pay the share of the premium from the Employment Security Administration Fund. The commissioner shall classify positions under such law and shall establish salary schedules and minimum personnel standards for the positions so classified. The commissioner shall follow State Personnel System rules, regulations, and contract requirements for appointments, promotions, demotions, and terminations for cause based upon ratings of efficiency and fitness.

(2) Any person employed by the department and paid from funds provided pursuant to Title III of the Social Security Act or funds from other federal sources shall be enrolled in the State Employees Retirement System of the State of Nebraska when he or she becomes eligible.

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