48-2908. Action to collect unpaid combined taxes plus interest; additional investigation and enforcement action.

Upon finding a contractor has violated the Employee Classification Act, the commissioner shall instigate proceedings pursuant to the Employment Security Law to collect any unpaid combined taxes plus interest. The commissioner shall share any violations with the Department of Revenue for analysis of violations of the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967 and with the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court. Upon receipt, the Department of Revenue shall promptly investigate and, if appropriate, proceed with the collection of any income tax not withheld plus interest and penalties. The commissioner, Department of Revenue, and Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court shall refer any violation reasonably believed to be a civil or criminal violation of the Employment Security Law, the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, or another law to the appropriate prosecuting authority for appropriate action.

Source:Laws 2010, LB563, ยง 8.

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