48-188. Order, award, or judgment; filed with district court; filing fee; effect.

Any order, award, or judgment by the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court, or any judge thereof, which is certified by the clerk of the compensation court or any order, award, or judgment made pursuant to the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act by the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court which is certified by the Clerk of the Supreme Court may, as soon as the same becomes conclusive upon the parties at interest, be filed with the district court of any county or counties in the State of Nebraska upon the payment of a fee of two dollars to the clerk of the district court or courts where such order, award, or judgment is filed. Upon filing, such order, award, or judgment shall have the same force and effect as a judgment of such district court or courts and all proceedings in relation thereto shall thereafter be the same as though the order, award, or judgment had been rendered in a suit duly heard and determined by such district court or courts.

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