48-162. Compensation court; duties; powers.

(1) The Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court, or any judge thereof, is authorized and empowered to examine under oath or otherwise any person, employee, employer, agent, superintendent, supervisor, or officer of any partnership, limited liability company, or corporation, any officer of any domestic insurance company, any agent of any foreign insurance company, or any medical practitioner, to issue subpoenas for the appearance of witnesses and the production of books and papers, to solemnize marriages, and to administer oaths with like effect as is done in other courts of law in this state. In the examination of any witness and in requiring the production of books, papers, and other evidence, the compensation court shall have and exercise all of the powers of a judge, magistrate, or other officer in the taking of depositions or the examination of witnesses, including the power to enforce his or her orders by commitment for refusal to answer or for the disobedience of any such order.

(2) The compensation court or any judge thereof may, upon the motion of either party or upon its or his or her own motion, require the production of any books, documents, payrolls, medical reports, X-rays, photographs, or plates or any facts or matters which may be necessary to assist in a determination of the rights of either party in any matter pending before the compensation court or any judge thereof.

(3) The compensation court or any judge thereof may expedite the hearing of a disputed case when there is an emergency.

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