48-1502. Sheltered workshop; negotiate contracts; conditions.

To negotiate contracts pursuant to sections 48-1501 to 48-1506, a sheltered workshop shall:

(1) Employ a minimum of ten physically or mentally disabled clients;

(2) Provide disabled clients with a wage at a level consistent with their health, efficiency, and general well-being as required by Chapter 48, article 12;

(3) Provide a controlled work environment and a program designed to enable the disabled client enrolled in the program to progress toward normal living and develop, as far as possible, his or her capacity, performance, and relationship with other persons; and

(4) Provide a work experience sufficiently diverse to accommodate the needs of each disabled client enrolled in the program.

Source:Laws 1984, LB 540, § 2; Laws 1997, LB 238, § 6.