Nebraska Revised Statute 48-1,117

Chapter 48


Compensation Court Cash Fund; accounting; abatement of contributions.

The Department of Administrative Services shall furnish monthly to the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court a statement of the Compensation Court Cash Fund setting forth the balance in the fund as of the first day of the preceding month, the income and its sources, the payments from the fund in itemized form, and the balance in the fund on hand as of the last day of the preceding month.

At the close of business on June 30 of any year, if the balance in the fund is equal to or exceeds three times the sum expended and encumbered in the fiscal year then ending, the contributions to the fund pursuant to sections 48-1,113 and 48-1,114 shall abate for the calendar year next ensuing and only for that year and the compensation court shall notify all self-insurers and the Director of Insurance who shall notify all workers' compensation insurers and risk management pools of such abatement and of the date when such contributions shall resume. No abatement shall ever extend beyond one year.