48-1,102. Award or judgment; payment; procedure.

Any final, nonappealable award or judgment in favor of a claimant under sections 48-192 to 48-1,109 shall be certified by the Attorney General to the Risk Manager and to the Director of Administrative Services. The Director of Administrative Services shall promptly issue his or her warrant for payment of such award or judgment out of the Workers' Compensation Claims Revolving Fund, if sufficient money is available in such fund, except that no portion in excess of one hundred thousand dollars of any award or judgment shall be paid until such award or judgment has been reviewed by the Legislature and specific appropriation made therefor. Notice of any portion of an award or judgment in excess of one hundred thousand dollars shall be delivered by the Risk Manager to the chairperson of the Business and Labor Committee of the Legislature at the next regular session of the Legislature convening after the date the award or judgment becomes final and nonappealable. Delivery of any warrant in satisfaction of an award or judgment shall be made only upon receipt of a written receipt by the claimant in a form provided by the Attorney General.

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