44-760. Group sickness and accident insurance, defined.

Group sickness and accident insurance is hereby declared to be that form of sickness and accident insurance covering groups of persons, with or without their dependents, and issued upon the following basis:

(1) Under a policy issued to an employer, who shall be deemed the policyholder, insuring at least two employees of such employer, for the benefit of persons other than the employer. The term employees shall be deemed to include the officers, managers, and employees of the employer, the partners if the employer is a partnership, the members if the employer is a limited liability company, the officers, managers, and employees of subsidiary or affiliated corporations of a corporate employer, and the individual proprietors, partners, and employees of individuals and firms, the business of which is controlled by the insured employer through stock ownership, contract, or otherwise. The policy may provide that the term employees shall include retired employees. The term employer may be deemed to include any municipal or governmental corporation, unit, agency, or department thereof and the proper officers, as such, of any unincorporated municipality or department thereof, as well as private individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations;

(2) Under a policy issued to an association, including a labor union, which has a constitution and bylaws and which has been organized and is maintained in good faith for purposes other than that of obtaining insurance, insuring at least twenty-five members of the association for the benefit of persons other than the association or its officers or trustees, as such;

(3) Under a policy issued to any other substantially similar group which, in the discretion of the director, may be subject to the issuance of a group sickness and accident policy or contract;

(4) Under a policy issued to any other group as authorized by Chapter 44, article 16; or

(5) Under a health benefit policy issued to an association consisting solely of Nebraska residents which has a constitution and bylaws and which insures at least twenty-five or more of the members of the association. For purposes of this subdivision, policy shall not include accident-only, credit, dental, vision, medicare supplement, long-term care, or disability income insurance, coverage issued as a supplement to liability insurance, workers' compensation or similar insurance, specified disease insurance, hospital confinement indemnity insurance, or limited-benefit health insurance.

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