43-4512. Extended adoption assistance and medical care; eligibility; use.

(1) The department shall provide extended adoption assistance and medical care under the medical assistance program for a young adult who has attained the age of eligibility but is less than twenty-one years of age and with respect to whom an adoption assistance agreement was in effect if the young adult had attained sixteen years of age before the agreement became effective and who meets at least one of the following conditions of eligibility:

(a) The young adult is completing secondary education or an educational program leading to an equivalent credential;

(b) The young adult is enrolled in an institution that provides postsecondary or vocational education;

(c) The young adult is employed for at least eighty hours per month;

(d) The young adult is participating in a program or activity designed to promote employment or remove barriers to employment; or

(e) The young adult is incapable of doing any part of the activities in subdivisions (1)(a) through (d) of this section due to a medical condition, which incapacity must be supported by regularly updated information in the case plan of the young adult.

(2) The adoptive parent or parents shall ensure that any adoption assistance funds provided by the department and received by the adoptive parent shall be used for the benefit of the young adult. The department shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations defining services and supports encompassed by such benefit.

Source:Laws 2013, LB216, § 12; Laws 2014, LB853, § 42; Laws 2015, LB243, § 22; Laws 2020, LB848, § 8.