43-3712. Volunteer; duties.

(1) Upon appointment in a proceeding, a court appointed special advocate volunteer shall:

(a) Conduct an independent examination regarding the best interests of the child that will provide factual information to the court regarding the child and the child's family. The examination may include interviews with and observations of the child, interviews with other appropriate individuals, and the review of relevant records and reports; and

(b) Determine if an appropriate permanency plan has been created for the child, whether appropriate services are being provided to the child and the child's family, and whether the treatment plan is progressing in a timely manner.

(2) The volunteer, with the support and supervision of the court appointed special advocate program staff, shall make recommendations consistent with the best interests of the child regarding placement, visitation, and appropriate services for the child and the child's family and shall prepare a written report to be distributed to the court and the parties to the proceeding.

(3) The volunteer shall monitor the case to which he or she has been appointed to assure that the child's essential needs are being met.

(4) The volunteer shall make every effort to attend all hearings, meetings, and any other proceeding concerning the case to which he or she has been appointed.

(5) The volunteer may be called as a witness in a proceeding by any party or the court.

Source:Laws 2000, LB 1167, ยง 35.