43-3507. Legislative findings.

(1) The Legislature finds that there is a need for additional secure detention and detention services, including transportation services, for juveniles in the state. The need can be met by enhancing and expanding the existing secure detention facilities and detention services as needed in the future and by constructing new juvenile detention facilities to serve the southeastern, central, and west central areas of the state.

(2) The Legislature further finds that in order for probation officers to adequately perform the function of providing juvenile intake services statewide, existing probation staff resources need to be expanded and, additionally, program services that enhance a juvenile's successful reintegration into the community need to readily be available and at the disposal of juvenile probation.

(3) The Legislature further finds that juvenile diversion programs should be available throughout the state as a means of providing consequences without the formal involvement of the courts.

Source:Laws 2000, LB 1167, ยง 7.