43-3505. County; powers; local juvenile justice advisory committee.

Each county may:

(1) Establish a local juvenile justice advisory committee for the purpose of meeting quarterly to discuss trends and issues related to juvenile offenders and service needs. Such committee should include representation from the courts, law enforcement, community service providers, schools, detention or shelter care, county elected and administrative officials, probation officials, health and human services representatives, and state officials or agency representatives. The committee should discuss state and local policy initiatives, use of detention and other regional services, commitment to state custody, and impacts of policy initiatives and trends on county juvenile justice systems. Notwithstanding any other provision of law regarding the confidentiality of records, information from the various representative agencies can be shared about juveniles under their supervision for the purposes of this subdivision. The information shared shall be in the form of statistical data which does not disclose the identity of any particular individual;

(2) Collect and review data on an ongoing basis to understand the service needs of the juvenile offender population; and

(3) Compile, review, and forward county level data collected pursuant to section 43-3506.

Source:Laws 2000, LB 1167, ยง 5.