43-3504. County juvenile services plan; multicounty plan; regional plan.

(1) Each county shall develop a county juvenile services plan by January 1, 2003. Two or more counties may establish a multicounty juvenile services plan. Such plan should include input from individuals comprising a local juvenile justice advisory committee as provided for in subdivision (1) of section 43-3505 or a similar committee or group of individuals. The plan shall be submitted to the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice and shall include:

(a) Identification of the risk factors for delinquency that exist in the county or counties and service needs;

(b) Identification of juvenile services available within the county or counties, including, but not limited to, programs for assessment and evaluation, the prevention of delinquent behavior, diversion, detention, shelter care, intensive juvenile probation services, restitution, family support services, and community centers for the care and treatment of juveniles in need of services;

(c) Identification of juvenile services within close proximity of the county or counties that may be utilized if community-based programs are not available within the county or counties;

(d) Identification of the programs, services, facilities, and providers the county primarily uses for juvenile detention or alternatives to detention, including the costs associated with the use of such programs, services, facilities, and providers; and

(e) A coordination plan and an enhancement, development, and expansion plan of community services within the county, counties, or region to help prevent delinquency by providing intervention services when behavior that leads to delinquency is first exhibited. Examples of intervention services include, but are not limited to, alternative schools, school truancy programs, volunteer programs, family preservation and counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, diversion programs, and Parents Anonymous.

(2) Following or in conjunction with the development of a county juvenile services plan, each county may develop regional service plans and establish regional juvenile services boards when appropriate. The regional service plan shall be submitted to the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

(3) Plans developed under this section shall be updated no less than every five years after the date the plan is submitted to the commission.

Source:Laws 2000, LB 1167, § 4; Laws 2016, LB894, § 19.