43-296. Associations receiving juveniles; supervision by Department of Health and Human Services; certificate; reports; statements.

All associations receiving juveniles under the Nebraska Juvenile Code shall be subject to the same visitation, inspection, and supervision by the Department of Health and Human Services as are public charitable institutions of this state, and it shall be the duty of the department to pass annually upon the fitness of every such association as may receive or desire to receive juveniles under the provisions of such code. Upon the department being satisfied that such association is competent and has adequate facilities to care for such juveniles, it shall issue to such association a certificate to that effect, which certificate shall continue in force for one year unless sooner revoked by the department. No juvenile shall be committed to any such association which has not received such a certificate within the fifteen months immediately preceding the commitment. The court may at any time require from any association receiving or desiring to receive juveniles under the provisions of the Nebraska Juvenile Code such reports, information, and statements as the judge shall deem proper and necessary for his or her action, and the court shall in no case be required to commit a juvenile to any association whose standing, conduct, or care of juveniles or ability to care for the same is not satisfactory to the court.

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