43-294. Termination of parental rights; custodian; rights; obligations.

The custodian appointed by a juvenile court shall have charge of the person of the juvenile and the right to make decisions affecting the person of the juvenile, including medical, dental, surgical, or psychiatric treatment, except that consent to a juvenile marrying or joining the armed forces of the United States may be given by a custodian, other than the Department of Health and Human Services, with approval of the juvenile court, or by the department, as to juveniles in its custody, without further court authority. The authority of a custodian appointed by a juvenile court shall terminate when the individual under legal custody reaches nineteen years of age, is legally adopted, or the authority is terminated by order of the juvenile court. When an adoption has been granted by a court of competent jurisdiction as to any such juvenile, such fact shall be reported immediately by such custodian to the juvenile court. If the adoption is denied the jurisdiction over the juvenile shall immediately revert to the court which authorized placement of the juvenile for adoption. Any association or individual receiving the care or custody of any such juvenile shall be subject to visitation or inspection by the Department of Health and Human Services, or any probation officer of such court or any person appointed by the court for such purpose, and the court may at any time require from such association or person a report or reports containing such information or statements as the judge shall deem proper or necessary to be fully advised as to the care, maintenance, and moral and physical training of the juvenile, as well as the standing and ability of such association or individual to care for such juvenile. The custodian so appointed by the court shall have standing as a party in that case to file any pleading or motion, to be heard by the court with regard to such filings, and to be granted any review or relief requested in such filings consistent with Chapter 43, article 2.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 346, § 50; Laws 1984, LB 845, § 32; Laws 1996, LB 1044, § 145.