43-278. Adjudication hearing; held within ninety days after petition is filed; additional reviews; telephonic or videoconference hearing; authorized.

Except as provided in sections 43-254.01 and 43-277.01, all cases filed under subdivision (3) of section 43-247 shall have an adjudication hearing not more than ninety days after a petition is filed. Upon a showing of good cause, the court may continue the case beyond the ninety-day period. The court shall also review every case filed under such subdivision which has been adjudicated or transferred to it for disposition not less than once every six months. All communications, notices, orders, authorizations, and requests authorized or required in the Nebraska Juvenile Code; all nonevidentiary hearings; and any evidentiary hearings approved by the court and by stipulation of all parties may be heard by the court telephonically or by videoconferencing in a manner that ensures the preservation of an accurate record. All of the orders generated by way of a telephonic or videoconference hearing shall be recorded as if the judge were conducting a hearing on the record.

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