43-261. Juvenile court petition; contents; filing.

(1)(a) A juvenile court petition and all subsequent proceedings shall be entitled In the Interest of ........................., a Juvenile, inserting the juvenile's name in the blank. The written petition shall be signed by the county attorney, specify which subdivision of section 43-247 is alleged and set forth the facts, state the juvenile's month and year of birth, and request the juvenile court to determine whether support will be ordered pursuant to section 43-290. An allegation under subdivision (1), (2), or (4) of section 43-247 is to be made with the same specificity as a criminal complaint. It is sufficient if the petition is based upon information and belief.

(b) A juvenile court petition is filed with the clerk of the court having jurisdiction over the matter. If such court is a separate juvenile court, the petition is filed with the clerk of the district court. If such court is a county court sitting as a juvenile court, the petition is filed with the clerk of the county court.

(2) In all cases involving violation of a city or village ordinance, the city attorney or village prosecutor may file a petition in juvenile court. If such a petition is filed, for purposes of such proceeding, references in the Nebraska Juvenile Code to county attorney are construed to include a city attorney or village prosecutor.

Source:Laws 2014, LB464, § 14; Laws 2016, LB1010, § 1.