43-260.05. Juvenile pretrial diversion program; optional services.

A juvenile pretrial diversion program may:

(1) Provide screening services to the court and county attorney or city attorney to help identify likely candidates for the program;

(2) Establish goals for diverted juvenile offenders and monitor performance of the goals;

(3) Coordinate chemical dependency assessments of diverted juvenile offenders when indicated, make appropriate referrals for treatment, and monitor treatment and aftercare;

(4) Coordinate individual, group, and family counseling services;

(5) Oversee the payment of victim restitution by diverted juvenile offenders;

(6) Assist diverted juvenile offenders in identifying and contacting appropriate community resources;

(7) Coordinate educational services to diverted juvenile offenders to enable them to earn a high school diploma or general education development diploma; and

(8) Provide accurate information on how diverted juvenile offenders perform in the program to the juvenile courts, county attorneys, city attorneys, defense attorneys, and probation officers.

Source:Laws 2003, LB 43, § 4; Laws 2013, LB561, § 15.