43-254. Placement or detention pending adjudication; restrictions; assessment of costs.

Pending the adjudication of any case, and subject to subdivision (5) of section 43-251.01, if it appears that the need for placement or further detention exists, the juvenile may be (1) placed or detained a reasonable period of time on order of the court in the temporary custody of either the person having charge of the juvenile or some other suitable person, (2) kept in some suitable place provided by the city or county authorities, (3) placed in any proper and accredited charitable institution, (4) placed in a state institution, except any adult correctional facility, when proper facilities are available and the only local facility is a city or county jail, at the expense of the committing county on a per diem basis as determined from time to time by the head of the particular institution, (5) placed in the temporary care and custody of the Department of Health and Human Services when it does not appear that there is any need for secure detention, except that beginning October 1, 2013, no juvenile alleged to be a juvenile described in subdivision (1), (2), (3)(b), or (4) of section 43-247 shall be placed in the care and custody or under the supervision of the Department of Health and Human Services, or (6) beginning October 1, 2013, offered supervision options as determined pursuant to section 43-260.01, through the Office of Probation Administration as ordered by the court and agreed to in writing by the parties, if the juvenile is alleged to be a juvenile described in subdivision (1), (2), (3)(b), or (4) of section 43-247 and it does not appear that there is any need for secure detention. The court may assess the cost of such placement or detention in whole or in part to the parent of the juvenile as provided in section 43-290.

If a juvenile has been removed from his or her parent, guardian, or custodian pursuant to subdivision (2) of section 43-248, the court may enter an order continuing detention or placement upon a written determination that continuation of the juvenile in his or her home would be contrary to the health, safety, or welfare of such juvenile and that reasonable efforts were made to preserve and reunify the family if required under section 43-283.01.

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