Nebraska Revised Statute 43-2,127

Chapter 43


Abolition; petition; election; transfer of dockets.

After a separate juvenile court has been established, the question of whether it should be abolished shall be submitted to the registered voters of any county having adopted same at the first general state election held not less than four months after the filing with the Secretary of State of a petition requesting the abolishment of such court signed by registered voters of such county in a number not less than five percent of the total vote cast for Governor in such county at the statewide general election next preceding the filing of the petition. The question shall be submitted to the registered voters of the county in the following form:

Shall the separate juvenile court in ............... County be abolished?

......... Yes

......... No

The election shall be conducted and the ballots shall be counted and canvassed in the manner prescribed by the Election Act.

If the proposition to abolish a separate juvenile court is carried by a majority of the registered voters voting on the proposition, the jurisdiction, powers, and duties of the separate juvenile court shall cease, and the powers and duties of the county court over juvenile matters shall be reestablished, at the end of the term of the incumbent juvenile judge. After a separate juvenile court has been abolished, the clerk of the county court shall forthwith transfer to the docket of the county court all pending matters theretofore within the exclusive jurisdiction of the separate juvenile court for consideration and disposition by the county court.


Cross References

  • Election Act, see section 32-101.