Nebraska Revised Statute 43-2,109

Chapter 43


County board of visitors; appointment; duties; reports; expenses.

In each county the judge presiding over the juvenile court may appoint a board of four reputable residents, who shall serve without compensation, to constitute a board of visitation whose duty it shall be to visit at least once a year all institutions, societies, and associations within the county receiving juveniles under the Nebraska Juvenile Code. Visits shall be made by not less than two of the members of the board, who shall go together or make a joint report. The board of visitors shall report to the court, from time to time, the condition of juveniles received by or in the charge of such associations and institutions and shall make an annual report to the Department of Health and Human Services in such form as the department may prescribe. The county board may, in its discretion, make appropriations for the payment of the actual and necessary expenses incurred by the visitors in the discharge of their official duties.


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