43-2,106.01. Judgments or final orders; appeal; parties; cost.

(1) Any final order or judgment entered by a juvenile court may be appealed to the Court of Appeals in the same manner as an appeal from district court to the Court of Appeals. The appellate court shall conduct its review in an expedited manner and shall render the judgment and write its opinion, if any, as speedily as possible.

(2) An appeal may be taken by:

(a) The juvenile;

(b) The guardian ad litem;

(c) The juvenile's parent, custodian, or guardian. For purposes of this subdivision, custodian or guardian shall include, but not be limited to, the Department of Health and Human Services, an association, or an individual to whose care the juvenile has been awarded pursuant to the Nebraska Juvenile Code; or

(d) The county attorney or petitioner, except that in any case determining delinquency issues in which the juvenile has been placed legally in jeopardy, an appeal of such issues may only be taken by exception proceedings pursuant to sections 29-2317 to 29-2319.

(3) In all appeals from the county court sitting as a juvenile court, the judgment of the appellate court shall be certified without cost to the juvenile court for further proceedings consistent with the determination of the appellate court.

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