43-1733. Foreign support order; income withholding notice; contents; hearing; when held.

Unless a foreign support order requires income withholding regardless of whether or not payment pursuant to such order is in arrears, within ten days after the date a foreign support order is entered pursuant to section 43-1729 the county attorney or authorized attorney shall serve upon the obligor notice of proposed income withholding in accordance with section 43-1720. The notice shall also advise the obligor that income withholding was requested on the basis of a foreign support order.

If the obligor seeks a hearing to contest the proposed income withholding, the county attorney or authorized attorney shall immediately notify the obligee and obligor or their attorneys of the date, time, and place of the hearing.

Any such hearing shall be held by the appropriate court in the same manner as a civil action except as provided otherwise in sections 43-1734 to 43-1737.

Source:Laws 1985, Second Spec. Sess., LB 7, § 53; Laws 1993, LB 523, § 22.