43-1702. Purpose of act.

It is the intent of the Legislature to encourage the use of all proven techniques for the collection of child, spousal, and medical support and monetary judgments. While income withholding is the preferred technique, other techniques such as liens on property and contempt proceedings should be used when appropriate. The purpose of the Income Withholding for Child Support Act is to provide a simplified and relatively automatic procedure for implementing income withholding in order to guarantee that child, spousal, and medical support obligations and monetary judgments are met when income is available for that purpose, to encourage voluntary withholding by obligors, and to facilitate the implementation of income withholding based on foreign support orders.

Source:Laws 1985, Second Spec. Sess., LB 7, § 22; Laws 1991, LB 457, § 18; Laws 2010, LB712, § 28.