43-1609. Child support referee; appointment; when; qualifications; oath or affirmation; removal; contracts authorized.

(1) Child support referees shall be appointed when necessary by the district courts, separate juvenile courts, and county courts to meet the requirements of federal law relating to expediting the establishment, modification, enforcement, and collection of child, spousal, or medical support and protection orders issued under section 42-924.

(2) Child support referees shall be appointed by order of the district court, separate juvenile court, or county court. The Supreme Court shall appoint child support referees to serve more than one judicial district if the Supreme Court determines it is necessary.

(3) To be qualified for appointment as a child support referee, a person shall be an attorney in good standing admitted to the practice of law in the State of Nebraska and shall meet any other requirements imposed by the Supreme Court. A child support referee shall be sworn or affirmed to well and faithfully hear and examine the cause and to make a just and true report according to the best of his or her understanding. The oath or affirmation may be administered by a district, county, or separate juvenile court judge. A child support referee may be removed at any time by the appointing court.

(4) The Supreme Court may contract with an attorney to perform the duties of a referee for a specific case or for a specific amount of time or may direct a judge of the county court to perform such duties.

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