43-113. Adoption records; access; retention.

Except as otherwise provided in the Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act, court adoption records may not be inspected by the public and shall be permanently retained as a preservation duplicate in the manner provided in section 84-1208 or in their original form in accordance with the Records Management Act. No person shall have access to such records except that:

(1) Access shall be provided on the order of the judge of the court in which the decree of adoption was entered on good cause shown or as provided in sections 43-138 to 43-140 or 43-146.11 to 43-146.13; or

(2) The clerk of the court shall provide three certified copies of the decree of adoption to the parents who have adopted a child born in a foreign country and not then a citizen of the United States within three days after the decree of adoption is entered. A court order is not necessary to obtain these copies. Certified copies shall only be provided upon payment of applicable fees.

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