43-112. Decree; appeal.

An appeal shall be allowed from any final order, judgment, or decree, rendered under the authority of sections 43-101 to 43-115, from the county court to the Court of Appeals in the same manner as an appeal from district court to the Court of Appeals.

An appeal may be taken by any party and may also be taken by any person against whom the final judgment or final order may be made or who may be affected thereby. The judgment of the Court of Appeals shall not vacate the judgment of the county court. The judgment of the Court of Appeals shall be certified without cost to the county court for further proceedings consistent with the determination of the Court of Appeals.

Source:Laws 1943, c. 104, § 10, p. 352; R.S.1943, § 43-112; Laws 1981, LB 42, § 22; Laws 1995, LB 538, § 8; Laws 2022, LB741, § 28.
Effective Date: July 21, 2022