43-111.01. Denial of petition; court; powers.

Except as otherwise provided in the Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act, if, upon a hearing, the court shall deny a petition for adoption, the court may take custody of the child involved and determine whether or not it is in the best interests of the child to remain in the custody of the proposed adopting parents. The court may also, on its own motion, appoint a legal guardian over the person and property of such minor and make disposition in the best interests of the child without further notice, relinquishments, or consents as may otherwise be required by sections 43-101.01 to 43-112.

Source:Laws 1965, c. 231, § 1, p. 674; Laws 1971, LB 384, § 1; Laws 1985, LB 255, § 24; Laws 2022, LB741, § 27.
Effective Date: July 21, 2022

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