38-2928. Physical therapist; duties.

(1) For each patient under his or her care, a physical therapist shall:

(a) Be responsible for managing all aspects of physical therapy services provided to the patient and assume legal liability for physical therapy and related services provided under his or her supervision;

(b) Provide an initial evaluation and documentation of the evaluation;

(c) Provide periodic reevaluation and documentation of the reevaluation;

(d) Provide documentation for discharge, including the patient's response to therapeutic intervention at the time of discharge; and

(e) Be responsible for accurate documentation and billing for services provided.

(2) For each patient under his or her care on each date physical therapy services are provided to such patient, a physical therapist shall:

(a) Provide all therapeutic interventions that require the expertise of a physical therapist; and

(b) Determine the appropriate use of physical therapist assistants or physical therapy aides.

Source:Laws 2006, LB 994, § 142; R.S.Supp.,2006, § 71-1,386; Laws 2007, LB463, § 1021.