30-406. Complaint; person cited; proceedings; where held; failure to appear or answer interrogatories; penalty; appointment of special administrator or other special fiduciary.

(1) If any such person as described in sections 30-402 to 30-405 is not in the county where administration is granted, the proceedings under sections 30-402 to 30-405 may be had before the county judge of the county where such person resides or may be found. A certified copy of the written interrogatories, if any, and the examination or other proceeding thereon or connected therewith shall be filed in the county court of the county where administration is granted. If the person so cited refuses to appear or answer such interrogatories as may be allowed to be put to him or her touching the matter charged, such person may be punished as provided in section 30-403.

(2) If the respondent is the personal representative, conservator, or guardian, the court may appoint a special administrator or other special fiduciary to represent the estate or the ward.

Source:Laws 1978, LB 650, § 27; R.S.1943, (2008), § 30-3005; Laws 2015, LB43, § 8.