29-506. Probable cause finding; effect; accused to be committed or released on bail; conditions; appearance bond.

If upon the whole examination, it shall appear that no offense has been committed or that there is no probable cause for holding the accused to answer for the offense, he shall be discharged; but if it shall appear that an offense has been committed and there is probable cause to believe that the person charged has committed the offense, the accused shall be committed to the jail of the county in which the same is to be tried, there to remain until he is discharged by due course of law; Provided, if the offense be bailable, the accused may be released pursuant to Chapter 29, article 9, such release to be conditioned on his appearance before the district court as ordered. When a defendant has executed an appearance bond and made a deposit with the court pursuant to section 29-901, and such appearance bond is continued in force for the defendant's appearance in district court, the appearance bond costs shall be retained by the examining court, and the appearance bond and the balance of the deposit shall be transmitted to the district court.

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