29-3918. Special counsel; appointment; procedure; cost; payment.

Nothing in sections 29-3910 to 29-3918 shall prevent a court from appointing counsel other than the public defender to represent indigent defendants or other persons by law entitled to legal representation, but appointments of counsel other than the public defender shall be limited to situations in which there are multiple defendants requiring separate representation or when other exigent circumstances are present which in the opinion of the court require appointment of other than the public defender. In all such cases of appointments of other than the public defender, the procedure shall be in accordance with sections 43-272 and 43-273 and the cost of such appointments shall be paid by the county as provided in such sections.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 234, § 10, p. 866; Laws 1988, LB 790, § 2; R.S.1943, (1989), § 29-1805.10; Laws 1990, LB 822, § 36.

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