29-3901. Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 29-3901 to 29-3908:

(1) Court shall mean a district court or a county court;

(2) Felony defendant shall mean a person who is charged by complaint, information, or indictment with or who is under arrest for investigation or on suspicion that he or she may have committed any criminal offense which may be punishable by imprisonment in a Department of Correctional Services adult correctional facility;

(3) Indigent shall mean the inability to retain legal counsel without prejudicing one's financial ability to provide economic necessities for one's self or one's family. Before a felony defendant's initial court appearance, the determination of his or her indigency shall be made by the public defender, but thereafter it shall be made by the court; and

(4) Judge shall mean a judge of the district court, a judge of the county court, or a clerk magistrate.

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