29-3526. Commission; powers and duties; rules and regulations.

The commission may by rule authorize a fee for each application for review under section 29-3525, and may charge for making copies or printouts as provided in section 29-3524. The commission shall implement section 29-3525 by rule and regulation, including but not limited to provisions for (1) administrative review and necessary correction of any claim by the individual to whom the information relates that the information is inaccurate or incomplete, (2) administrative appeal when a criminal justice agency refuses to correct challenged information to the satisfaction of the individual to whom the information relates, (3) supplying to an individual whose record has been corrected, upon his or her request, the names of all noncriminal justice agencies and individuals to which the data has been given, and (4) requiring the correcting agency to notify all criminal justice recipients of corrected information.

Source:Laws 1978, LB 713, ยง 29.