29-2278. Community service; sentencing; when; failure to perform; effect; exception to eligibility.

An offender may be sentenced to community service (1) as an alternative to a fine, incarceration, or supervised probation, or in lieu of incarceration if he or she fails to pay a fine as ordered, except when the violation of a misdemeanor or felony requires mandatory incarceration or imposition of a fine, (2) as a condition of probation, or (3) in addition to any other sanction. The court or magistrate shall establish the terms and conditions of community service including, but not limited to, a reasonable time limit for completion. The performance or completion of a sentence of community service or an order to complete community service may be supervised or confirmed by a community correctional facility or program or another similar entity, as ordered by the court or magistrate. If an offender fails to perform community service as ordered by the court or magistrate, he or she may be arrested and after a hearing may be resentenced on the original charge, have probation revoked, or be found in contempt of court. No person convicted of an offense involving serious bodily injury or sexual assault shall be eligible for community service.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 528, § 2; Laws 2017, LB259, § 8.