29-2257. Nebraska Probation System; established; duties; salary equalization.

The Nebraska Probation System is established which shall consist of the probation administrator, chief probation officers, probation officers, and support staff. The system shall be responsible for juvenile intake services, for preadjudication juvenile supervision services under section 43-254 beginning October 1, 2013, for presentence and other probation investigations, for the direct supervision of persons placed on probation, and for non-probation-based programs and services authorized by an interlocal agreement pursuant to subdivision (16) of section 29-2252. The system shall be sufficient in size to assure that no probation officer carries a caseload larger than is compatible with adequate probation investigation or supervision. Probation officers shall be compensated with salaries substantially equal to other state employees who have similar responsibilities.

This provision for salary equalization shall apply only to probation officers and support staff and shall not apply to chief probation officers, the probation administrator, the chief deputy administrator, the deputy probation administrator, or any other similarly established management positions.

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