29-1608. Indictment, complaint, or information against corporation; summons; service; return day; procedure.

Whenever an indictment is presented, or complaint or information filed against a corporation, a summons commanding the sheriff to notify the accused thereof, and returnable on the third day after its date, shall issue on the praecipe of the prosecuting attorney. Such summons, together with a copy of the indictment, information, or complaint, shall be served and returned in the manner provided for service of summons upon such corporation in a civil action. The corporation on or before the return day of a summons duly served may appear by one of its officers, or by counsel, and answer to the indictment, information, or complaint by motion, demurrer, or plea. Upon its failure to make such appearance and answer, the court clerk shall enter a plea of not guilty; and upon such appearance being made, or plea entered, the corporation shall be deemed thenceforth continuously present in the court until the case is finally disposed of.

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