29-117. Suppression of statement by defendant; application for review; filing; when.

The application for review provided in section 29-116 shall be accompanied by a copy of the order of the trial court granting the motion to suppress and a bill of exceptions containing all of the evidence, including affidavits, considered by the trial court in its ruling on the motion, and so certified by the trial court. The application shall be filed with the Clerk of the Supreme Court, if the trial court is the district court, or with the clerk of the district court, if the trial court is the county court, within such time as may be ordered by the trial court, which in fixing such time shall take into consideration the length of time required to prepare the bill of exceptions, and shall also consider whether the defendant is in jail or whether he or she is on bail, but in no event shall more than thirty days be given in which to file such application.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 411, § 3; Laws 1998, LB 218, § 11; Laws 2000, LB 921, § 30.