28-719. Child abuse and neglect records; access; when.

Upon complying with identification requirements established by regulation of the department, or when ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction, any person legally authorized by section 28-722, 28-726, or 28-727 to have access to records relating to child abuse and neglect may request and shall be immediately provided the information requested in accordance with the requirements of the Child Protection and Family Safety Act. Except for such information provided to department personnel and county attorneys, such information shall not include the name and address of the person making the report of child abuse or neglect. The names and other identifying data and the dates and the circumstances of any persons requesting or receiving information from the central registry of child protection cases maintained pursuant to section 28-718 shall be entered in the central registry record.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 505, § 7; Laws 2005, LB 116, § 10; Laws 2014, LB853, § 8; Laws 2020, LB1148, § 4.