28-378. Records relating to abuse; release of information; when.

The department or appropriate law enforcement agency shall provide requested information to any person legally authorized by sections 28-376 to 28-380 to have access to records relating to abuse when ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction or upon compliance by such person with identification requirements established by rules and regulations of the department or law enforcement agency. Such information shall not include the name and address of the person making the report, except that the department may use the name and address as required or authorized by state law, federal law, federal regulation, or applicable federal program provisions and in furtherance of its programs and the county attorney's office may request and receive the name and address of the person making the report with such person's written consent. The name and other identifying data of any person requesting or receiving information from the registry and the dates and the circumstances under which requests are made or information is released shall be entered in the registry.

Source:Laws 1988, LB 463, § 31; Laws 2020, LB1148, § 2.