28-1251. Unlawful testing or inspection of fire alarms; penalty; certification of applicants; examination; fee.

(1) It shall be unlawful for any person, association, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation to conduct fire alarm tests and fire alarm inspections without prior written certification by the State Fire Marshal as to the qualifications of such persons conducting such tests and inspections.

(2) The State Fire Marshal shall formulate reasonable guidelines to determine qualifications for fire alarm inspectors and shall administer an examination pursuant to such guidelines prior to certification of applicants.

(3) The State Fire Marshal may charge a fee of one hundred dollars to cover costs of administering such examinations.

(4) Unlawful testing or inspection of fire alarms is a Class III misdemeanor.

Source:Laws 1977, LB 38, § 283; Laws 1982, LB 928, § 23; Laws 1993, LB 121, § 184.