13-3109. Bonds and refunding bonds; issuance; procedure; security; treatment.

(1) A political subdivision that applies for state assistance under the Sports Arena Facility Financing Assistance Act may issue from time to time its bonds and refunding bonds to finance and refinance the acquisition, construction, improving, and equipping of eligible sports arena facilities. The bonds may be sold by the political subdivision in such manner and for such price as the political subdivision determines, at a discount, at par, or at a premium, at private negotiated sale or at public sale, after notice published prior to the sale in a legal newspaper having general circulation in the political subdivision or in such other medium of publication as the political subdivision deems appropriate. The bonds shall have a stated maturity of twenty years or less and shall bear interest at such rate or rates and otherwise be issued in accordance with the respective procedures and with such other terms and provisions as are established, permitted, or authorized by applicable state laws and home rule charters for the type of bonds to be issued. Such bonds may be secured as to payment in whole or in part by a pledge, as shall be determined by the political subdivision, from the income, proceeds, and revenue of the eligible sports arena facilities financed with proceeds of such bonds, from the income, proceeds, and revenue of any of its eligible sports arena facilities, or from its revenue and income, including its sales, use, or occupation tax revenue, fees, or receipts, as may be determined by the political subdivision. The political subdivision may further secure the bonds by a mortgage or deed of trust encumbering all or any portion of the eligible sports arena facilities and by a bond insurance policy or other credit support facility. No general obligation bonds, except refunding bonds, shall be issued until authorized by greater than fifty percent of the political subdivision's electors voting on the question as to their issuance at any election as defined in section 32-108. The face of the bonds shall plainly state that the bonds and the interest thereon shall not constitute nor give rise to an indebtedness, obligation, or pecuniary liability of the state nor a charge against the general credit, revenue, or taxing power of the state. Bonds of the political subdivision are declared to be issued for an essential public and governmental purpose and, together with interest thereon and income therefrom, shall be exempt from all state income taxes.

(2) All payments to political subdivisions under the Sports Arena Facility Financing Assistance Act are made subject to specific appropriation for such purpose.

Source:Laws 2010, LB779, § 15; Laws 2021, LB39, § 8.