13-3105. Public hearing; notice.

(1) After reviewing an application submitted under section 13-3104, the board shall hold a public hearing on the application.

(2) The board shall give notice of the time, place, and purpose of the public hearing by publication three times in a newspaper of general circulation in the area where the political subdivision submitting the application is located. Such publication shall be not less than ten days prior to the hearing. The notice shall describe generally the project for which state assistance has been requested. The applicant shall pay the cost of the notice.

(3) At the public hearing, representatives of the applicant and any other interested persons may appear and present evidence and argument in support of or in opposition to the application or neutral testimony. The board may seek expert testimony and may require testimony of persons whom the board desires to comment on the application. The board may accept additional evidence after conclusion of the public hearing.

Source:Laws 2010, LB779, § 11; Laws 2021, LB39, § 5.