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Search for statute range from 77-1001 to 77-1035
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77-1001 Act, how cited.
77-1002 Legislative findings and declarations.
77-1003 Definitions, where found.
77-1004 Tax terms, meaning.
77-1005 Approved cost, defined.
77-1006 Approved project, defined.
77-1007 Cultural development, defined.
77-1008 Destination dining, defined.
77-1009 Entertainment destination center, defined.
77-1010 Entitlement period, defined.
77-1011 Full-service restaurant, defined.
77-1012 Historical redevelopment, defined.
77-1013 Investment, defined.
77-1014 Lodging, defined.
77-1015 Mixed-use project, defined.
77-1016 Nebraska crafts and products center, defined.
77-1017 Project, defined.
77-1018 Qualified business, defined.
77-1019 Qualified property, defined.
77-1020 Recreation facility, defined.
77-1021 Redevelopment project, defined.
77-1022 Related persons, defined.
77-1023 Structured parking, defined.
77-1024 Taxpayer, defined.
77-1025 Tourism attraction, defined.
77-1026 Year, defined.
77-1027 Year of application, defined.
77-1028 Election required; procedures applicable.
77-1029 Verification of work eligibility status.
77-1030 Application; form; contents; confidentiality; fee; municipality; duties; certification; written agreement; contents; modification.
77-1031 Incentives; tiers; project requirements; refund of taxes.
77-1032 Department of Revenue; duties; review of projects; recapture of incentives; Nebraska Advantage Transformational Tourism and Redevelopment Act Cash Fund; created; use; investment.
77-1033 Transfer of incentives; when; liability for recapture.
77-1034 Refunds; interest not allowable.
77-1035 Act; restrictions on use.