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31-301 Drainage districts organized by proceedings in district court; formation; articles of association; contents.
31-301.01 Drainage districts; formation prohibited after June 30, 1972; exceptions.
31-302 Formation; articles; where filed.
31-303 Formation; notice to landowners affected; summons; service by publication.
31-304 Formation; objections; hearing; judgment.
31-305 Formation; articles; filing and recording.
31-306 First board of supervisors; election; number; basis of representation; succeeding boards, how chosen.
31-307 Supervisors; annual elections; notice.
31-308 Supervisors; oath; bond; auditing of accounts.
31-309 Officers and assistants; reports; compensation.
31-310 Topographical surveys; maps; profiles; plans.
31-311 Estimates of cost.
31-312 Inspections and examinations.
31-313 Assessment of benefits.
31-314 Estimate of benefits to property; how determined.
31-315 Assessments; basis.
31-316 Estimate of benefits to highways and railroad property; how determined.
31-317 Classification of lands on basis of percentage of benefit.
31-318 Maps, plans, and profiles; requisites; report; filing.
31-319 Drain commissioner; appointment; duties; tenure of office; oath; bond.
31-320 Land outside of district; inclusion; conditions; procedure.
31-321 Board of supervisors; right-of-way; right of eminent domain; procedure.
31-322 Right-of-way; obstruction in watercourses; condemnation; procedure.
31-323 Engineer's report; objections to classification and assessments; hearing; time.
31-324 Engineer's report; notice of hearing; form; publication.
31-325 Engineer's report; notice of hearing; record; contents; filing.
31-326 Engineer's report; objections; procedure; pleadings; hearing; adjournment.
31-327 Engineer's report; objections; hearing; procedure; findings; powers of the board.
31-328 Engineer's report; objections; hearing; costs; how taxed.
31-329 Engineer's report; objections; decision; appeal; bond; procedure.
31-330 Assessments levied; interest on bonds; bonds; installments; reassessment of benefits; return of surplus.
31-331 Assessments; certificate of levy to county clerk; form.
31-332 Additional assessments; notice of hearing; publication; erroneous assessments; correction.
31-333 Drainage tax; levy; certificate; form; extension on tax books; collection.
31-334 Drainage tax; levy insufficient; supplemental assessment; how levied and collected.
31-335 Streets, highways, and railroad property; assessment; tax; collection.
31-336 Bonds; authority to issue; terms.
31-337 Bonds; maturity; recitals.
31-338 Bonds; issuance; resolution required; payment; record; contents.
31-339 Bonds; sale; from what funds payable.
31-340 Bonds and interest; annual tax levy to pay at maturity.
31-341 Repealed. Laws 2001, LB 420, § 38.
31-342 Bonds; issuance; delivery of certified transcript.
31-343 Bonds; payment of levy by landowner; effect; record.
31-344 Bonds; issuance; resolution; contents; declarations.
31-345 Bonds; issuance; resolution; contents; pledge of funds.
31-346 Board of supervisors; power to borrow money; purpose; limitation.
31-347 Bonds; sale; how made.
31-348 Bonds; sale; record.
31-349 Bonds; sale; proceeds; use.
31-350 Bonds; sale; proceeds; deposits and withdrawals.
31-351 Assessments; lien; interest on delinquent assessments; collection; sinking fund to retire bonds.
31-352 Watercourses; cleaning and changing.
31-353 Crossing of highways or railroads; mutual agreement; condemnation.
31-354 Public lands; grant of right-of-way.
31-355 Bids for construction; award of contract; conditions; supervision of work.
31-356 Sections, how construed; limitation on granted powers.
31-357 Joint outlet of two districts; cost of improvements; how allocated.
31-358 Ditches, drains, or watercourses; use by landowners.
31-359 Subdistricts; creation by mutual agreement, district court action; procedure.
31-360 Treasurer; duties; collection of assessments; disbursement.
31-361 Drainage district warrants; form.
31-362 Warrants; laws governing county warrants applicable.
31-363 Officers and employees; salaries.
31-364 Installations; repairs; assessment; tax levy; procedure.
31-365 Care of ditches; overseers; appointment; duties.
31-366 Injuring or obstructing ditch, drain, or watercourse; penalty.
31-367 Sections, how construed; judgments and decisions, effect; irregularities, rights of parties aggrieved.
31-368 Assessments; irregularities; effect; injunction, when allowed.
31-369 Drainage district; name; corporate powers; liabilities.
31-370 Drainage improvements; election required, when; notice; publication; change in plans.
31-371 Refunding bonds; issuance; power of board; limitation; interest; term.
31-372 Refunding bonds; issuance; resolution; notice; publication; procedure where no objections filed.
31-373 Refunding bonds; objections; hearing; determination; appeal; procedure.
31-374 Refunding bonds; recitals; delivery; effect of issuance; payment.
31-375 Drainage district; dissolution; procedure; election; notice; effect; funds; distribution.
31-376 Drainage district; located in more than one county; inactive for five years; county board; dissolve; procedure.
31-377 Drainage district; comprised of territory in one county; inactive for five years; county board; dissolve; funds; transfer to county general fund.
31-378 Repealed. Laws 1999, LB 4, § 1.
31-401 Drainage district organized by vote of landowners; when formed.
31-401.01 Drainage district formation; prohibited after June 30, 1972.
31-402 Formation; petition; contents.
31-403 Formation; bond for expenses.
31-404 Formation; boundaries of district; hearings; directors; number; bond.
31-405 Formation; notice of election; publication; contents; posting.
31-406 Formation; election; form of ballot.
31-407 Formation; election; eligibility to vote; manner of voting; canvassing board.
31-408 Formation; election; affirmative vote; effect; preservation of records; transcript; filing.
31-409 Directors; qualification; officers; annual election; vacancies; term.
31-409.01 Election by mail; procedure.
31-409.02 Annual election; notice; contents.
31-409.03 Voting precincts; authorized; directors; how elected.
31-410 Directors; bond; conditions; recording.
31-410.01 Board of directors; plans; notice; hearing.
31-411 Directors; duties; plans; apportionment of benefits; area method of allocation, authorized.
31-411.01 Apportionment of benefits; report; filing; notice; publication.
31-411.02 Board of directors; plans; adoption; budget; notice; publication; contents; levy; limitation; map; county treasurer; compute tax; additional funds; election.
31-412 Apportionment; complaint; bond; conditions; transcript; filing; hearing.
31-413 Repealed. Laws 1969, c. 245, § 13.
31-414 Assessments and levies; basis; change of plans; enlargement or extension; new apportionment.
31-414.01 Tax funds; held by county treasurer; use; financial operation; publish annually.
31-415 Real estate or easement; acquisition; eminent domain; procedure; release by guardian or conservator of person under disability.
31-416 Claims; payment; warrants; registration; interest; use in payment of taxes.
31-417 Bonds; interest; issuance; requirements.
31-418 Bonds; notice of issuance; publication; contents.
31-419 Repealed. Laws 1969, c. 245, § 13.
31-420 Deficit; assessment; apportionment.
31-421 Bond issue; duties of treasurer; filing and recording.
31-422 Borrowing money; interest; purposes; term of loan; provisions for payment; record.
31-423 Preliminary expenses; payment.
31-424 Bond principal and interest; apportionment of assessments; lien; interest; collection.
31-424.01 Budget; levy; collection; lien.
31-425 Rules and regulations; powers of board; amendments; record.
31-426 Employees; contracts for construction and repair; estimates; letting; purchase of machinery; personal interest in contracts prohibited; effect.
31-427 Directors; compensation.
31-428 Repealed. Laws 1983, LB 191, § 5.
31-429 Draining lands into district ditches; requirements.
31-430 Power to cross highways and railroads.
31-431 Records; filing; fees of county clerk.
31-432 Director conveying or losing interest in land; vacancy created.
31-433 Appeal; time; effect.
31-434 Elections; voting by proxies; when permitted.
31-435 Accounts; treasurer's annual report; neglect by officers; penalty.
31-436 Drainage district; dissolution; procedure; distribution of funds; city of the metropolitan or first class; county; assume operation and maintenance; authorization; conditions.
31-436.01 Drainage district; located in more than one county; inactive for five years; county board; dissolve; procedure; funds; distribution.
31-437 Sections construed; limitation on powers.
31-438 Enlarging district; procedure.
31-439 Detaching territory; procedure.
31-440 Overlapping districts; assessments, how determined.
31-441 Changing voting place from county seat; procedure.
31-442 Fixing boundaries; procedure; petition; hearing.
31-443 Repealed. Laws 1951, c. 101, § 127.
31-444 Ditches; outlets beyond district boundaries; acquisition; procedure.
31-445 Obstructing ditch, drain, or watercourse; penalty.
31-446 Repealed. Laws 2001, LB 420, § 38.
31-447 Special assessment liens; vendor and purchaser; apportionment; filing with county clerk.
31-448 Assessment of benefits to highways and public property; payment.
31-449 Invalid assessment; reapportionment; relevy; how made.
31-450 Future districts; election; when held; notice; publication; limit of indebtedness; changing plans; abandonment.
31-451 Repealed. Laws 1969, c. 138, § 28.
31-501 Sanitary drainage district in municipality; organization; petition for election.
31-502 Organization; petition; contents; territory included.
31-503 Organization; hearing on petition; notice; publication; boundaries of district.
31-504 Organization; election; notice; publication; form of ballot; canvass; returns; vote required.
31-505 Sanitary district trustees; election; organization; officers; corporate powers.
31-506 Trustees; general powers; clerk; engineer; publication of proceedings.
31-507 Trustees; drainage powers.
31-507.01 Connection with sanitary sewer; permit required; violation; penalty.
31-508 Ditches constructed from cities of the primary class; improvement beyond the district; plan and estimate; duties of Department of Natural Resources.
31-509 Ditches constructed from cities of 100,000 to 300,000 population; improvement beyond the district; publication of notices; election; vote required; effect of negative vote; special assessment.
31-510 Borrowing money; bonds; interest; limit of indebtedness.
31-511 Bonded indebtedness; election required; manner of submission.
31-512 Contracts for work; how let; notice; rejection of bids.
31-513 Annual tax levy; limit; certification to county clerk; collection; disbursement of funds.
31-514 Special assessments; power of board of trustees; limit; improvement out of district; deferred assessment; charges; payment.
31-515 Special assessments; levy; procedure; improvements recommended by Department of Natural Resources.
31-516 Improvements recommended by Department of Natural Resources; board of trustees as board of equalization; notice of meeting; appeal.
31-517 Improvements; costs borne by district.
31-518 Delinquent assessments; interest; limit.
31-519 Special assessments; payment; collection.
31-520 Property; right-of-way; how procured.
31-521 Power of eminent domain; procedure.
31-522 Repealed. Laws 1951, c. 101, § 127.
31-523 Right-of-way; cost; assessment; annulment; reassessment.
31-524 Municipalities adjacent to district; power of trustees; survey; report to county board.
31-525 Municipalities adjacent to district; inclusion; election; effect of affirmative vote.
31-526 Municipalities adjacent to district; inclusion; election; how conducted.
31-527 Powers of sanitary district trustees over enlarged district; flood control.
31-528 Enlarged district; power to maintain adequate sewerage facilities; damages; payment to municipalities.
31-529 Enlarged district; power to contract with cities for use of city sewers.
31-530 Enlarged district; power to alter city sewers connecting with drainage district sewers.
31-531 Enlarged district; eminent domain; borrowing money; bonds; interest; issuance; election.
31-532 Enlarged district; procedure for apportioning benefits.
31-533 Enlarged district; trustees; salary.
31-533.01 Repealed. Laws 1961, c. 286, § 1.
31-534 Trustees; bond; amount; conditions; payment of premium.
31-535 Repealed. Laws 1981, LB 497, § 1.
31-536 Sanitary district; activities; discontinuance; election.
31-537 Sanitary district; activities; discontinuance; election; notice; form of ballot.
31-538 Sanitary district; activities; discontinuance; effect on powers of trustees and property rights.
31-539 Sanitary district; activities; discontinuance; effect on contract rights.
31-540 Sanitary district; activities; discontinuance; effect on power to levy taxes.
31-541 Sanitary district; activities; discontinuance; powers of county board; succession.
31-542 Sanitary district; activities; discontinuance; trustees subsequently elected; powers and duties.
31-542.01 Sanitary district; discontinuance; contract with city or village; public hearing; notice.
31-543 Sanitary district; discontinuance; funds and property; city or riverfront development authority; rights and liability; conditions.
31-544 Repealed. Laws 1989, LB 31, § 1.
31-545 Repealed. Laws 1989, LB 31, § 1.
31-546 Repealed. Laws 1989, LB 31, § 1.
31-547 Repealed. Laws 1989, LB 31, § 1.
31-548 Repealed. Laws 1989, LB 31, § 1.
31-549 Sanitary district; extend beyond boundaries of municipality; inclusion by resolution of trustees.
31-550 Sanitary district; enlarged district; resolution; file with county clerk.
31-551 Sanitary districts; natural resources district; contract for services; transfer of assets; assignment of obligations.
31-552 Sanitary districts; transfer of assets; hearing; notice.
31-553 Sanitary districts; contract with natural resources district; dissolution of sanitary district; resolution; file with county clerk.